Cooks Venture Chicken Breed: The Pioneer

A single chicken walking through tall, green grass.

Not all chicken is created equal! In fact, almost every company in America uses Cornish Cross chickens because they are cheaper to raise, despite being aware of their health problems and low-quality meat that frankly, simply doesn’t taste that good.

Unfortunately, this also includes “organic” and “free-range” birds. They are more often than not these hyper fast-growing breeds.

Not at Cooks Venture.

Enter the Pioneer, our heirloom breed! The Pioneer is a three-way heritage cross between a Heritage Transylvanian Naked Neck, a Heritage Delaware, and a Peterson family line from the 1940s, resulting in naturally strong and healthy animals. These birds are healthy, robust and active thus able to run and forage through pasture and forest.

Our birds live their lives on pasture, snacking on insects, seeds, and native foliage while soaking in the Northwest Arkansas sunshine.

The breed directly translates to the flavor of the chicken: they’re packed with nutrients like Omega-3’s, Vitamins A,D,E & antioxidants, and are more flavorful, more tender, and juicier— not stripped, rubbery, or bland like conventional chicken.


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