The Untold Story of Chicken

A picture of a 1950s chicken contest.

In 1948, farmers across the US sent chicken eggs to be part of a contest. They were looking for the chicken of tomorrow.

Just two breeds descended from those winners, making over 99% of the chicken we eat today. As an industry CEO said, if you get the breeding business right, it's like turning on an oil well.

Business boomed, but it meant breeding chickens in genetic prisons and raising them in literal ones. It's not just the birds that suffer, so do farmers and the environment, and these industrial breeds don't even taste that good.

At Cook's Venture, we start with heirloom chickens. We are the only breeder in the country with no ties to the big genetics companies, so the birds are healthy as nature intended. Their non-GMO feed is grown by local farmers, and they forage on pasture every day.

Let's make this the chicken of yesterday

We have a better chicken for tomorrow!


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