Cooks Venture - the Difference is Astounding! 

Chickens on logs and walking through a pasture next to a chicken house.

Cooks Venture is on a mission.

We’re building a better food system for animals, the planet and ourselves for generations to come.

We breed and raise pasture-raised heirloom slow growth chickens in Northwest Arkansas on 800 acres of beautiful, wooden farmland in the foothills of the Ozarks.

We work with cattle ranchers, pork farmers and fisherman across the country to provide you with the absolute best pasture-raised meat options for yourselves and your family. Our partners implement regenerative agriculture systems-systems that build soil fertility, sequester carbon, and create biodiversity which also results in nutritious and deeply flavored meat.

Because we know that every step of the system matters – we can raise meat that’s better in every way. And it can also be delicious!

We Care About Animal Welfare

At Cooks Venture, our chickens spend their days on pasture and in the forest, munching on bugs and foliage, expressing natural behaviors such as preening, perching and dustbathing. We breed a heritage-cross, slow-growth bird, the Pioneer. These chickens are robust and active, healthy and receive no antibiotics ever.

Their quality of life–outside, Non-GMO feed, and better, diverse breeding– result in meat that is higher in nutrients than conventionally, factory raised alternatives.

We Care About Our Land

We practice regenerative agriculture, which means we’re raising animals in a way that creates healthy soil and biodiversity. Taking care of the land that feeds us is not only smart, it contributes to better tasting and healthier food.

By promoting animal welfare and having animals feed on what nature intended, whether that be grass or a broader range of feed crops, we help farmers improve the health of their land through increased diversity and effective crop rotation.

We take care of the land on which we farm so that the soil grows rich and continues to host a variety of nutrients and living organisms. We work with our regional feed farmers to transition to regenerative systems to grow Non-GMO feed. This results in the natural capturing of carbon, less impact on our watersheds and increased biodiversity— and it contributes to better tasting and healthier food.

We care about Our Health

Our animals are raised thoughtfully, on land that’s cared for, with transparency from start to finish. Healthy soil and healthy animals foster a healthy system for us all.

Our chicken farm, hatchery, and processing plant are paving the way to a reimagined meat industry, better for the animals, people and the land. It also is delicious.

From animal breeding and open pastures, to feed crops and processing, we place animal welfare and environmental impact at the center of it all. We know what’s good for the animals is also good for the planet - and our health!


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