2 heritage roosters and 2 Pioneer chickens walking through a grassy pasture.

Our Story

Why We Started Cooks Venture

Creating Access to Excellent Food

through heritage breeding

It started on 800 acres of farmland in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, when we joined forces with third-generation poultry farmer Blake Evans and began growing our unique heritage chickens. We engaged with regional crop farmers to grow feed using regenerative farming practices. We renovated our chicken farm, hatchery, and processing plant to pave the way to a reimagined meat industry.

We built relationships with cattle ranchers, pork farmers, and fishermen across the country. We partner with values-driven businesses looking to build soil fertility, sequester carbon, and create biodiversity. It’s good for the land, and it results in deeply flavored meat.

A chicken on a farm with other chickens in the background.

Introducing the Pioneer Breed

Cooks Venture's breed, the Pioneer, is selectively bred from heritage line chickens, growing slower than conventional birds, resulting in a robust chicken with better gut health. The birds' strong frames allow them to thrive on pasture. This is the culmination of over 12 years of research with heritage lines, to breed a better, healthier chicken while prioritizing health and flavor.

Group shot of people on a chicken farm.

You Have the Right to Know What's in Your Meat

Despite the pastoral images and marketing claims, almost all meat today comes from mainstream operations that are labeled with greenwashed buzzwords. Finding food that is good for both us and the planet doesn’t have to be this hard.

At Cooks Venture, we’re building an alternative to America’s meat industry, to deliver great food from independent, regional farms. Our core values include a commitment to true transparency, and prioritizing the health of the land and the well being of our workers.

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Good Food is Vital For Health and Happiness

It’s why regenerative farming is paramount to
our mission

It’s all connected. We know that healthy animals and a healthy environment are good for our health too. We know you’ll love our food, it’s truly astounding. When you purchase our chicken, you’ll be casting your vote to build a more responsible food system. Together, we can create a better farming economy.

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