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Can chicken fight climate change? Blue Apron founder’s new company bets on carbon-friendly chicken

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Most environmentalists say the best way to fight climate change on your plate is to reduce or avoid eating meat. But there’s a growing number of proponents for regenerative agriculture, a farming method that builds organic matter in the soil with the goal of sequestering more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases.

Regenerative Agriculture is Getting More Mainstream But How Scalable is it?

“Some terms defy definition. ‘Sustainable agriculture’ has become one of them,” writes the USDA National Agricultural Library. “In such a quickly changing world, can anything be sustainable? What do we want to sustain?”

The Race to Produce a Slower-Growing Chicken

The co-founder of Blue Apron is banking on a new model for bringing pasture-raised chicken to the masses. But carving out a niche in a complex, crowded market won’t be easy.

Blue Apron’s Co-Founder Wants to Sell America Better Chickens

On this Arkansas chicken farm, when the public tour starts at dawn, the doors to the chicken barns are closed to keep out night-time predators. Then, the doors are thrown open and there’s a rush of feet and feathers as thousands of chickens run, flap, and jump to reach the pasture. Soon, visitors are standing in a sea of pecking, clucking birds.

Matt Wadiak: Raising the Best Chickens Means Honoring Their Ancestry

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CEO of Cooks Venture Matt Wadiak talks about what even cautious eaters don’t know about how their chickens are raised and the potential for happier, more nutrient-dense chickens through better raising practices.

The co-founder of Blue Apron has his next big idea, and it involves heirloom chicken

Blue Apron founder aims to change the world, one heirloom chicken at a time.

The Co-Founder of Blue Apron Wants to Fill Your Freezer With $20 Heirloom Chickens

The visionary chicken empire sounds promising on its surface

Blue Apron Founder Launches New Food Venture Aimed at Reversing Climate Change

Matthew Wadiak, Blue Apron founder, discusses the launch of his new venture called Cooks Venture, a food ecosystem that he claims has been scientifically proven to reverse climate change. He speaks with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Caroline Hyde on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close." (Source: Bloomberg)

Blue Apron Founder Fights Climate Change with Chickens

Matthew Wadiak, Founder and CEO of Cooks Venture and Co-Founder of Blue Apron, joins Cheddar to discuss how regenerative agriculture can fight climate change.

Blue Apron founder Wadiak launches poultry food venture - New York Business Journal

Cooks Venture plans to expand past poultry and raise cattle, pigs, grains and vegetables.

It's a Bird, It's a Plan, It's Superchicken!

Matthew Wadiak, co-founder of the meal service Blue Apron, is thinking outside the box and outside the cage.

Reversing climate change? US company launches ‘regenerative agriculture’

A newly-launched ‘next generation’ food company based in the US has created a ‘regenerative agriculture system’, which it claims will improve food systems and even reverse climate change.

Poultry system targeted by firm

A new food company with ties to Northwest Arkansas said it wants to set itself apart by changing the chicken farming system and raising a better bird.

Blue Apron founder launches next generation food company rooted in regenerative agriculture, transparency

Matthew Wadiak, founder and former COO of Blue Apron, New York, created Cooks Venture, a next generation food company rooted in regenerative agriculture and transparency.

New food company seeks to reverse climate change

Two food industry trends — regenerative agriculture and transparency — form the foundation for Cooks Venture, a new food company created by the founder and former chief operating officer of Blue Apron, Matthew Wadiak.

Founder and Former COO of Blue Apron Launches Cooks Venture, a Next Generation Food Company

Cooks Venture Has Built a Regenerative Agriculture System to Improve Food Systems and Ultimately Reverse Climate Change