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Heritage chicken in Arkansas.

When it comes to chicken, you want to feel good about what you’re eating. That’s why we went to Arkansas to visit Cooks Venture…

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Cooks Venture, the chicken company with big dreams, eats up $50M.

Chicken is the most consumed meat in the United States and the world. And yet, the system in place to breed and feed and raise all this chicken is incredibly detrimental to our overall well-being.

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The 16 best meat delivery services to try out this year.

Bringing tasty, fresh cuts of meat right to your doorstep.

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Most people don’t spend much time thinking about where their poultry comes from

Much less what it was eating when it was alive but the feeding practices on large farms are harmful to the environment and have led to bland, unhealthy chickens.

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After Decades of Breeding Bigger Birds, Some Producers Are Shrinking the Chicken

Boutique farmers say smaller is better for eating - and ethics.“Hyperdemand and competitiveness for cheaper meat...

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Disrupting The Pecking Order: Blue Apron CoFounder Raises $10 Million To Breed A Better Chicken

Cooks Venture is the only vertically integrated chicken producer in the country that has an independent genetics operation...

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Can chicken fight climate change? Blue Apron founder’s new company bets on carbon-friendly chicken

Most environmentalists say the best way to fight climate change on your plate is to reduce or avoid eating meat. But...

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The co-founder of Blue Apron has his next big idea, and it involves heirloom chicken

Blue Apron founder aims to change the world, one heirloom chicken at a time.

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Meet the CEO Whose Healing The Planet One Heirloom Chicken At A Time

[From the Most Creative People in Business 2020 Issue, September 2020] By creating a scalable market for these crops...

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Matt Wadiak is Raising a Better Bird

The USDA recently approved industry-first labeling stating that Cooks Venture poultry comes from healthier livestock than...

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Best Splurge-Worthy Food & Kitchen Gifts for 2020

These heritage, pasture-raised chicken cuts are absolutely delicious and sustainably sourced: A great gift for...

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The Race to Produce a Slower-Growing Chicken

Cooks Venture is one of several players angling to revolutionize the chicken industry by combining slower-growing...

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There Is Plenty of Food in the Country

Across the industry, it takes about 60 days to get a chicken to a customer, said Matthew Wadiak, who runs Cooks Venture...

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Emerging brands with 'turnkey' solutions more likely to win shelf space during coronavirus pandemic

"We had been looking at Cooks Venture but hadn't pulled the trigger on it. But it is a regenerative agriculture program...

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Meat shortages expected as coronavirus disrupts production, despite executive order

Most chickens only live for 38 to 42 days, said Matt Wadiak, CEO of pasture-raised chicken company Cooks Venture...

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Matt Wadiak: Raising the Best Chickens Means Honoring Their Ancestry

CEO of Cooks Venture Matt Wadiak talks about what even cautious eaters don’t know about how their chickens are raised...

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Regenerative Agriculture is Getting More Mainstream But How Scalable is it?

Regenerative agriculture has even broken into the online grocery business. Blue Apron’s Founder and Former COO Matthew Wadiak...

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The Co-Founder of Blue Apron Wants to Fill Your Freezer With $20 Heirloom Chickens

Wadiak believes that the vast majority of commercially raised “organic” chicken is essentially greenwashed to make...

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Blue Apron Founder Fights Climate Change with Chickens

Matthew Wadiak, Founder and CEO of Cooks Venture and Co-Founder of Blue Apron, joins Cheddar to discuss how regenerative...

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It's a Bird, It's a Plan, It's Superchicken!

Matthew Wadiak, co-founder of the meal service Blue Apron, is thinking outside the box and outside the cage...

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Poultry system targeted by firm

A new food company with ties to Northwest Arkansas said it wants to set itself apart by changing the chicken farming system...

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