Venture Logs

Follow along with our founder and team members as we explore Cooks Venture through our VLog.

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Just the Start: Day 1

Go behind the scenes on Day 1 as we place our first hatching of baby chickens in our first new chicken house. See what most people think they're getting with free range chickens, but are not. See what makes us unique.

Our Chicken Houses

Find out what makes our chicken houses different from conventional chicken houses from Matt Wadiak, CEO and Founder, and Mark Fisher, VPO.

Birds Having a Good Time: Day 3

Check in with our birds and meet Shane Smith our Farm Manager.

Why Our Birds are Different

Blake Evans, Cooks Venture EVP, explains what makes our birds special. Over ten years of heritage line genetic breeding has led to a more robust, healthy, and active bird which means slower growth, higher bone density, and no antibiotics ever.

Lloyd's Landing

We built a retirement home for our pedigree breeders! And our geneticist, Richard Udale, discusses some of the differences between our Cooks Venture birds and the average chicken.

Official Launch and "Graffiti"

The Cooks Venture team officially launch their business, and celebrate by spray painting a new sign in front of their offices.

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