Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic management practice that focuses on soil and broader ecosystem health, and encompasses everything from carbon sequestration to nutrient density, from agroforestry to community well-being. In short, regenerative agriculture heals a broken system.

Regenerative Agriculture at Cooks Venture

We tend to our pastures and greater ecosystems, not only because it’s good for our birds, but because we want to improve the land we touch. With a focus on soil health—we take annual soil tests and have a robust soil-health audit for our farmers—we can support healthy, diverse plants, insects, and microbes that in turn support our birds and all the other creatures around us. Our cover-cropping, tree-planting, pollinator plantings, and animal rotations also help to prevent erosion, sequester carbon, and filter rainwater, all the while creating richer and healthier food for you.

A tree-lined road leading to one of Cooks Venture chicken houses.


Silvopasture incorporates pasture, animal grazing, and trees within one system. Pastures with trees produce greater soil diversity and ecosystem health, provide more shade, roosting, and forage options for our birds, and sequester as much as 5 to 10 times the carbon as treeless fields.

We have planted 21,000 hazelnuts across our farms, and have planted more than 1000 fruit trees, including peaches, plums, pears, pawpaws (North America’s only native tropical fruit!), and heirloom varieties of Arkansas apples. This year we will also plant hundreds of native trees – such as willows, poplars, persimmon, and black locust – on our partner farms.

A white rooster standing in field with several chicks in the background.

Regenerative Feed

Cooks Venture works with regional row crop farmers to grow non-GMO feed using regenerative farming practices. None of our feed grain is imported! We’re also developing a radically diversified feed that will further improve bird and soil health and help farmers transition to organic practices, the first regenerative poultry feed system in the industry. This program is a critical step for impacting significant acreage currently in conventional, soil depleting systems. It’s all connected. Our Pioneer breed has a healthy digestive system that enables the birds to thrive on a varied diet. Better for the bird! Better for the land! Better for the farmer!

Cooks Venture is proud to be part of the Regenerate America Coalition with Kiss The Ground. More details about this exciting campaign coming in Spring 2022!

Cooks Venture Is On A Mission

Expanding Regenerative Agriculture:
Add More, Take Less

It's all connected. Healthy animals and a healthy environment are good for our health too. Regenerative farming increases food quality and security while providing countless environmental solutions. We're committed to creating exceptional food that is good for you, the animals and the planet. Together, we can create a regenerative farming system for generations to come.

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