Farm in Winter

3 baby chicks playing in the snow.

Did you know that Arkansas temperatures fluctuate a lot and, often, dramatically, especially in the winter? In one week, it was sunny and 64 degrees on Monday, but a blustery 25 degrees, with several inches of snow on Thursday!

Since our birds have the run of the farm and spend their days outside, year-round, we have the opportunity to see how they react and adapt to our unreliable weather patterns.

A snow covered pasture with a frozen pond and bare trees.

Just like all of us humans, chickens are picky! They have strong preferences. During Arkansas winters, our chickens have more access to warm, sunny days than birds in a lot of other states. When the temperature really drops, their time outdoors may be brief as when they feel the frigid cold, they often hurry back inside the heated chicken houses.

Regardless of the weather or time of year, we ensure our chickens spend their days in their preferred environment.


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