The Benefits of Silvopasture

The Benefits of Silvopasture

Silvopasture involves using trees, forages, and animals in a complex, interdependent system. Compared to other conventional systems, silvopasture is more complex but has multiple advantages. Silvopasture can mitigate methane emissions from livestock and sequesters significantly more carbon in tree biomass and the soil biome, leading to healthier soils, than a rangeland system. In a silvopasture system, the animal, pasture, and tree components are managed equally.


Diverse silvopasture systems implemented by Cooks Venture benefit from perennial woody roots in the ground, constantly breaking up soil and allowing for water and nutrient infiltration, and more consistently releasing carbon-rich exudates to feed soil life. Because of the abundance of perennial roots, and the presence of more diversified vegetation growing above the soil, silvopasture systems sequester more carbon and host more biodiversity than conventional pasture systems.


Throughout the spring of 2021 and 2022, we have planted more to support the creation of our silvopasture system: 

 500 blackberry bushes

➤ 1,000 apple trees

➤ 1,000 mulberry trees

➤ 1,000 persimmon trees

➤ 300 serviceberries

➤ 400 chokeberries

➤ 21,000 hazelnuts 

➤ 200 other assorted fruit trees


Learn More Here: Regenerative Agriculture


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