The Harmful Effects of Consolidation in the Fragile Chicken Market

The Harmful Effects of Consolidation in the Fragile Chicken Market

Prior to the 1950s, agriculture in America was a mix of small and mid-size family farms. Today, American agriculture looks much different. Big Ag dominates the American agricultural landscape often resulting in the poor treatment of farmers and workers, wasteful resource allocation, and systems built without concern for the environment. The COVID pandemic made clear the fragility of our food system. Delays, shortages, and supply chain problems increased the gap in food access. 

Earlier this year, a $4.53 billion acquisition and merger of major U.S. poultry processors created the third-largest chicken conglomerate in the United States. This deal would create further consolidation in an industry already top-heavy. The top four poultry processors currently control more than 54% of the market; this deal would mean more than 50% alone rests with the top three firms. To make matters worse, these companies source their industrial breed from just 2 genetics companies, giving consumers no choice, until now...

How do you feel about three companies controlling over half of the chicken supply in this country?


Cooks Venture works with regional row crop farmers to grow non-GMO feed using regenerative farming practices. None of our feed grain is imported! We’re also developing a radically diversified feed that will further improve bird and soil health and help farmers transition to organic practices, the first regenerative poultry feed system in the industry. This program is a critical step for impacting significant acreage currently in conventional, soil depleting systems.

Show your support for small and mid-scale regenerative farms, such as Cooks Venture. Animal welfare, environmental impact and fair labor practices are at the core of what we do and it benefits you.

Every step of farming—from breeding and raising animals humanely, to implementing regenerative agriculture systems—contributes to the amazing flavor and quality of our chicken.




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